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-- Principle			 
   Producing Arc between carbon rod and base metal, and melting down the base metal by the heat at the same time and						
   removing the melted by the pressure air around the Carbon rod.		 
-- Characteristics		 
   - Because of high speed work process it provides high efficiency and saves cost.			 
   - It makes upside work easier		 
   - Owing to Arc consumes small portion of base metal by focusing only one point, momentarily at the same time high pressed air						
        removes melted metal and cooling down, there is no high heat deformation, crack or metal changes.					 
   - It is easy to find welding defects on gouging side this can be inspection of welding. And it is convenient to defect defective parts						
        parts when to inspect by X-ray	 
   - It proves reduced noise and almost none fatigueless			 
   - It helps rapid cutting with clean finish of cutting surface and lower temperature increase		 
   - It can be used to cut steel plate, base steel, amalgamated metal, stainless steel, Manganese steel and Copper alloy and other						
        kinds of metals			 
-- Characteristics of Carbon rod		 
    Carbon rod which is used for Arc air process is made by mixing high quality pure graphite and processed, with high heated with						
    copper clothed, it has been made not be consumed by Arc heat and resit against high heat temperature.				 
   - Characteristics		 
	① Electric resistance below 2mΩ - ㎠		 
			④ Hardness above 30 (50 shore) 
	② Overall gravity above 1.62g/ ㎠			 
		⑤ Tear resistance 300kg/ ㎠  
	③ Fixed carbon above 98.5%		 
   -Selection of carbon rod size		 
	With if groove(m.m.) = rod diameters (m.m.) x 1.5		 
	Depth of (m.m.) = rod idameter (m.m.) x 0.8		 
	Normal ampere (A.m.p) = rod diameter (m.m.) x 40