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-- Process method		 
   - Removing gauging welding defects	 
	1 Adjust torch air valve and push straight forward by producing Arc between carbon rod and base metal.			 
	2 Normal angle between rod and base metal: 45 degree			 
	    Accorging to work condition (ex. groove shape, air pressure, electricty), more is the angle 45 degree it is difficult to remove		 
	    melted metal.			 
	3 It is proper to keep process speed by 0.6mm/min.		 
	4 A carbon rod work gauging 1.5m - 2.5m and takes 2-5 min.	 
	5 Carbon rod can be used until final 5cm remaining.	 
    - Removing on Castings				 
	1 While producing Arc between the rod and castings and with rotating the carbon rod removes metals by arc heat.		 
	2 Bigger the process angle at base metal it can be removed deeply.				 
   - Cutting					 
	1 Keep the carbon rod straight up and push forward with its end on the base metal.		 
	2 Process speeed 0.5 -2m/min. 
	3 It cuts even stainless, castings and brass which are very hard to cut with oxygen gas, and it is very fast.	 
    - Making a hole		 
	1 Normal angle between carbon rod and bae metal: 90 degree	 
	2 Insert end of the rod into the base metal			 
	3 It is downside work if thickness of base metal is less than 10mm, if more than 10min process with base metal straight up.	 
	4 It it nees great hole like 3-4mm core bigger than diameter of carbon rod, expan the circle of hole with side of the carbon					
	    rod end. By doing so bigger hole could be made.